blauhaus falmouth is…home, guest house, kitchen / lab, medicinal garden, studio / salon, and occasional residency space.

Your booking at blauhaus not only provides you with a comfortable relaxed base of local insight and knowledge, but it also supports local culture. Income from hosting helps us to occasionally facilitate a creative project, commission an artist or host a residency. Some examples…

2016 – we brought Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour to Falmouth Moor – working with Henrietta Boex (Falmouth Art Gallery)

We hosted Marcelo Montes on two separate occasions (2017 and 2019). Marcelo is a young virtuoso pianist from Tavira in Portugal. Both times he performed at The Poly to a full house and standing ovation He also played at Chintz and Hillbillys, Charles Causleys house in Launceston and St Marys church in Penzance

We left Bristol for Falmouth in 2007 after 25yrs of exciting city / art / life (back in the days of peppercorn rents, site based interventions and massive sound systems!) raising family and working on various artist-led projects and public art commissions. We were drawn to Falmouth by the sea and the opportunity for Annie to pursue European funded doctoral research (UAL/FU) . We are keen foodies (vegan) aspiring to a low impact lifestyle growing what we can in our garden. Annie is in her element cultivating and foraging plants for food and medicinal purposes…bubbling ferments, tinctures, teas and balms that inspire philosophical musings and images. Mac is in his; writing, sifting through vinyl, playing piano, composing and performing at, or organizing spoken word events.

your hosts: Annie and Mac

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